Knowledge University

1st International Conference of Applied Computing & Smart Cities ​

Erbil - Iraq

Call for Papers

The Internet of Everything (IoE) has witnessed rapid progress in recent years. This technology provides Internet connectivity between objects and cyber space. Hardware manufacturing, software industry and networking capabilities are acting as game changers and promote the rapid deployment of IoE technologies. Smart Cities bring together the IoE technology and city infrastructure for better quality of life in areas such as energy usage, healthcare, environment, water and transportation. This can be done through IoE large scale deployment and sensing, data acquisition and heterogeneous networking. However, citizens in such smart environments are vulnerable with their private information and this will directly affect city services related to the daily life of people. The connectivity of billions of IoE devices opens many security vulnerabilities and threats that must be detected and mitigated. There is a significant interest to enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques – that incorporate meta-heuristics, machine learning and optimization algorithms for intelligent IoE communications and networking management. Specifically, machine learning algorithms and big data techniques open up indispensable opportunities to further analyze the characteristics of IoE networks.

This event in Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq for what concerns new trends in smart cities and IoE including researches, industry and academics interested in the latest progress of smartcites and IoE systems and networks. The conference will include technical sessions, tutorials technology panels. You are invited to submit papers in all areas of wireless communications, networks, services, and applications of IoE for smartcities. The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:


· Wireless communication for smart cities

· Cybersecurity and privacy for smart cities

· Cloud/edge/fog computing for smart cities

· IoT and Cyber Physical Systems for smart cities

· Secure and Trustworthy Computing for smart cities

· Social media and urban awareness

· Blockchain for smart governance and smart cities

· AI and Machine Learning for secure and sustainable smart cities.

· Smart governance practices, dynamics, challenges, and trade-offs

· Impact of emerging technologies (e.g., AI, machine learning, blockchain, sensor networks, intelligent transportation systems)

· Internet of Flying Things for Smart cites